Fluke ST240+ Socket Tester with RCD Test

RCD Socket Tester with Audible/Visual Alert
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Verify the wiring of an outlet and identify several common wiring errors, including reversed live, neutral wires and an earth fault

Features & Benefits

  • Bright, easy to see LEDs let your customers know if an outlet is miswired and the integrated RCD test button gives your customers peace of mind by allowing them to verify the proper operation of RCD equipped outlets
  • Simple Operation: Plug into socket, with the bright, easy-to-see LEDs, verify correct wiring or identify common wiring problems in both standard and RCD outlets
  • Save Time: Eliminate multiple trips back and forth by using the beeper on the RCD to help identify if a circuit breaker is switched on or off
  • RCD outlets: With an integrated RCD test, you can feel secure knowing that your RCD equipped outlets are functioning properly
  • Hear the results - The audible beeper lets you know anytime voltage is detected
More Information
Part Number FLUST240+
Brand Fluke
Rated Operating Voltage 230 V ac +/-10% at 4 mA
Category Rating CAT II 300 V
Warranty (years) 2
Height (mm) 147
Width (mm) 78
Depth (mm) 70
Weight (g) 91
Vendor Part Number ST240+