DEWALT NAILIN NY/ZY Mushroom Head 6.5x75mm (Pack of 20)


Masonry Nail 3.7X65mm Knurled

Flat Head Drive Anchor 6.5 x 50mm

Light Duty Impact Anchors
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Split-Drive Anchors are a one-piece, vibration resistant steel anchor for fast, hammer-in installation into concrete, stone or masonry. The pre-expanded split point exerts force against the hole upon installation. This positive expansion helps to compensate for poor grade or old concrete. Ideal for installation of timber, sub floor battens and plywood to concrete.


  • Low slip rates & increased vibration resistance
  • Through-hardened steel construction for high compressive strength
  • Tamper resistant head style


  • Size: 6.5
  • Length: 50
  • Min Embedment Depth: 31
  • Max Fixture Thickness: 19
  • Drilled Hole Ø: 6.5


  • For installation of timber, sub floor battens and plywood to concrete
More Information
Part Number POWDA6550-PWR
Brand Powers
Length (mm) 50
Drilled Hole ø (mm) 6.5
Min Embedment Depth (mm) 31
Max Fixture Thickness (mm) 19
Pack Quantity 100
Unit of Measure Box
Vendor Part Number DA6550-PWR
Individual Carton Dimension Length (cm) 100
Individual Carton Dimension Width (cm) 4.8
Individual Carton Dimension Height (cm) 7.6
Individual Carton Dimension Weight (kg) 1.26